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Blog Title: What is liquid slugging?

Main Que: What is liquid slugging?

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  • Query By: John Maier (Sacramento, CA)
  • Date: 10/14/2016

Answer: When the evaporator coil becomes inefficient disabling the refrigerant to absorb sufficient heat from the room air, the refrigerant does not get vaporized. This can also be caused by dirty filters. The refrigerant in liquid form reaches the compressor. It also gets mixed with the lubricating oil. Liquid refrigerant tends to ping and degrade the compressor motor insulation in due course, resulting in a motor failure. It can push the compressor oil out of the compressor and into the system resulting in a lubrication breakdown. The compressor in such cases will malfunction or stop completely within days. Liquid refrigerant in more severe cases can cause the connecting rods and crankshaft to break into pieces.

  • Replied By: Marc Hoffman (Chicago, IL)
  • Replied Date: 10/18/2016